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The power of omni-channel

Unite loyalty online, in-store, on mobile and more

m—wise Loyalty Cloud helps you build lasting loyalty with a program that works seamlessly across all channels – online, physical stores, mobile app, email, push messages, social media and more. The omni-channel power of Loyalty Cloud ensures that you’ll be exactly where your customers are at any moment. Get ready to understand, engage and reward your customers like never before.

An omni-channel wish list experience with a triggered email, points and voucher issuance
B2B rewards program for partners with tier levels

Designed for B2B & B2C

Supports B2B and B2C loyalty programs across all industries

Create and manage a loyalty program that meets your company’s unique needs. Our platform is designed to support both B2B and B2C loyalty programs. Whether you want to reward customers, clients or partners, m—wise Loyalty Cloud will help you build lasting loyalty with those who matter most to your business.


Designed to support and enhance your team

We know that a loyalty platform needs to be visually appealing and intuitive. You don’t need a certification to use our software. It’s quick and easy to get to grips with the core areas. Whether you’re accessing customer data or designing your dream campaign, it’s quick, easy and totally understandable.

Rewarding customers with automated vouchers on m—wise Loyalty Cloud
Customer is rewarded with loyalty points and a badge for leaving a review

Unlimited touchpoints

A future-proof program that will grow along with your brand

Our platform enables you to reward your customers for virtually any activity across any channel. That could be opening an email, downloading an app, leaving a review, updating a wishlist – you name it. You can integrate unlimited touchpoints into your program on any channel you like. This ensures that your program can grow along with your business.

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Multiple reward types

The widest variety of rewards to surprise and delight

m—wise Loyalty Cloud offers multiple reward types, including points, badges, percentage discount vouchers, monetary vouchers and free giveaways. By incorporating a variety of rewards into your program, you’ll create a dynamic loyalty experience that will keep customers interested and engaged with your brand.

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Personalised birthday reward with a free gift, loyalty points and badge
Customer segmentation triggers the right message at the right time

Personalisation as standard

A highly personalised loyalty program from the get-go

m—wise Loyalty Cloud helps you deliver personalised loyalty campaigns, rewards and communications in a flash. The dedicated customer segments section allows you to create groups of customers with shared behaviour, history or demographics. Use these to deliver a personalised loyalty experience that feels 100% relevant to each and every customer.

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Extensive integrations

Connect seamlessly to your existing tooling with our open API

We know that companies like yours are dealing with many different platforms and no two set-ups are the same. That’s why we take a unifying approach through an open API structure. We’re proud to say we can connect to virtually any marketing platform out there to ensure that your loyalty program feels totally seamless. Curious about how it could work with your set-up? Just ask.

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Integrations with m—wise Loyalty Cloud include all popular platforms
Loyalty Program performance insights on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

All-in-one loyalty platform

Performance insights that are clear as day

Loyalty Cloud’s performance insights section was designed with marketing teams in mind – you won’t need a degree in data to understand your performance. Clear and comprehensive charts let you track your campaign success and program growth. And it’s all right there in one platform. You manage your program and see its performance in the same spot, giving you actionable insights in an instant.

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Designed for companies that break the mould

Forget cookie-cutter loyalty. Our platform is customisable to fit your business needs and loyalty ambitions. We can incorporate non-standard data sources, create unique filters, add the performance insights that matter most and connect to virtually any tooling. Brands with multi-lingual requirements, multinational set-ups, or other complex needs can all be accommodated in m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

Multilingual loyalty campaigns via push message
Marketing colleagues giving high-fives in an office

1:1 Help & Support

We work with you directly to build the perfect program

Ever feel like your business is just another number to the big tech companies? Not with us. When you choose m—wise Loyalty Cloud, we commit to your success. That means our experts are on-hand to personally help you through the process of creating the perfect loyalty program for your brand. Our friendly and knowledgable team are always there to help and advise.

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