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Affinity Petcare

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Affinity Petcare

The Club Advance loyalty program

m–wise worked with ADVANCE, a European leader in pet nutrition, to create a cutting-edge loyalty program that adapts to fit the unique needs of each four-legged family member.

Advance belongs to Affinity Petcare, an animal-loving company that has been committed to the wellbeing of cats, dogs, and those who take care of them for over 50 years.

Now with the new Club Advance loyalty program, the business can deliver an even more valuable and rewarding customer experience, powered by m–wise Loyalty Cloud.

Club Advance member's home screen on laptop


Treats for pets and members alike

Club Advance offers exclusive deals, cashback, discounts, and vouchers to loyalty program members. These rewards extend across a wide range of petcare products. Additionally, the program provides the flexibility for customers to make a donation to an animal charity. An affinity for animals is at the heart of this program, uniting the company and its customers.

Club Adance vouchers for members


Always personal, always relevant

Advance understands that pets have different dietary needs based on their breed, age, and life stage. The loyalty program leverages m–wise Loyalty Cloud software to deliver personalised product recommendations, tailored communications, and exclusive offers that align with each pet’s requirements. By delivering relevant content, Club Advance creates a powerful 1:1 dialogue with members.

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Pet overview on Club Advance


Meeting the needs of four-legged families

Understanding that many families have multiple four-legged friends at home, Club Advance enables members to add multiple pets within a single account. Club members can add each pet’s name, age, and profile photo, ensuring that the program treats each pet as the unique individual that they are. This information powers personalised communications and offers, building a deeper emotional connection with customers.

Family profile for loyalty program members with multiple pets

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Purchase products anywhere to earn rewards

Customers purchase Advance products from a wide range of retail outlets and online stores. m–wise Loyalty Cloud steamlines the process of earning rewards. Customers simply enter a product’s barcode or upload a receipt through their account to validate their purchases and accumulate rewards. This user-friendly approach ensures a seamless experience, encouraging continued engagement with the program.

Club Advance member details


Pet-centric achievements are rewarded

Club Advance stimulates participation and engages customers by rewarding them with badges and achievements for desired activities, such as adding a pet to their profile or selecting a favourite store. This encourages members to remain active in the program and share more information about their needs and preferences. Achievements also unlock additional benefits and rewards, communicating the value of continued loyalty to Affinity.

Club Advance achievements


Unleashing the power of loyalty

m–wise Loyalty Cloud empowers brands like Advance to create more engaging and effective loyalty programs. Its comprehensive suite of capabilities include customer data management, multiple reward options, personalisation, targeted campaigns, omni-channel journeys and in-depth customer insights – to name just a few.

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m—wise loyalty cloud back-end view when issuing a badge to a customer

Brand values

Loyalty at every stage of a pet's life

Advance’s highly personalised program adapts to fit the changing needs of pets and their owners. By showing an understanding of a pet’s life stages and unique needs in the Club Advance loyalty program, Advance reinforces its commitment to animal welfare, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Pet life stages examples

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