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Building a B2B & B2C loyalty program for sustainable energy

The Enecoins loyalty program

Eneco, the leading Benelux renewable energy provider, partnered with m—wise to create the Enecoins loyalty program. Enecoins rewards customers for making environmentally friendly choices, powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud. This unique eco-loyalty program is now available for both B2C and B2B customers in Belgium. The program was nominated for the International Loyalty Awards 2022 in the ‘Best Eco-loyalty Initiative’ category.


Rewarding customers for green behaviour and good choices

Customers earn Enecoins for environmentally friendly choices like opting to receive their utility bill electronically, rather than by post. The program also rewards customers for continuing to choose Eneco as their renewable energy provider. Rewards are issued for new contracts and years as a customer, as well as for desirable habits like paying a bill on time.

Examples of rewards for customer behaviour


Sustainable energy, sustainable rewards

Customers can redeem their Enecoins against exciting offers from partner companies. Only companies that demonstrate sustainable and socially responsible practices are selected as partners. This ensures that sustainability is paramount at both the earn and burn stages of the program.

Enecoins rewards

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B2B and B2C loyalty combined

Both businesses and private households can join the program. We created a closed wallet system to support a seamless interchange between B2B and B2C. When a member chooses a partner reward, that company earns Enecoins to be distributed among their employees. The mutually beneficial approach sets Enecoins apart from other programs: it’s an effective B2B and B2C loyalty program in one.

Enecoins Partner Rewards

next-gen loyalty software

Powered by m–wise Loyalty Cloud

m—wise Loyalty Cloud is the loyalty software behind this innovative loyalty program. The dedicated Partner Rewards feature supports unlimited external partner rewards so the program can grow without limitations. m—wise Loyalty Cloud also offers a wide range of additional reward types to power the most rewarding and engaging loyalty programs imaginable.

Screen showing m–wise Loyalty Cloud – loyalty software that creates loyalty programs

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