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Building loyalty through social media with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

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Introducing the new

MasterClub from Cooler Master

Cooler Master challenged m—wise to create an innovative new loyalty program that would stimulate engagement across their customers’ favourite online platforms.

The global tech manufacturer, beloved by PC gamers, had previously been running social media competitions to connect with fans. But without the right loyalty software in place, it was hard to build a profitable, long-term relationship with customers.

That’s why we created the MasterClub, powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud. This cool new program drives lasting loyalty across all channels.

Cooler Master loyalty program channnels

customer engagement

Rewarding interactions, not transactions

The MasterClub is more than a loyalty program – it’s an online community. Customers are incentivised to become brand advocates. By engaging and interacting with Cooler Master online, members earn points. The MasterClub rewards likes, comments, and other online activities across a host of different platforms.

Rewarding customer engagement

social media

Embracing the power of social

Social media is at the heart of the MasterClub loyalty program. Members are rewarded for interacting on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s also the possibility to connect to more online channels as the program grows. Loyalty programs powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud can reward virtually any social media activity.

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Loyalty program social connections


Cool new rewards are always just a click away

Members earn MasterPoints which can be exchanged for their choice of discounts, merchandise, goodie bags, freebies, competition entries, and even donations to charities. The weekly highlight reward keeps members checking back to see what’s new from their favourite brand.

Cooler Master loyalty rewards

See how the coolest loyalty programs are made.

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customer retention

The FOMO is real with limited-time events

The MasterClub gives members access to limited-time events, such as online competitions to win big-ticket tech items. Limited-time events are used to add excitement and urgency. No one wants to miss out on the latest event! That keeps Cooler Master customers coming back time and time again.

Cooler Master reward points

tier levels

Challenging members to level up for more rewards

Cooler Master taps into their customers’ love for gaming by challenging members to rise in rank through 10 tier levels. The more points they collect, the higher they grow in rank. Each new tier level brings increasingly attractive rewards, which makes long-term loyalty a no-brainer.

Tier levels in the MasterClub loyalty programTier levels in the MasterClub loyalty program


Unlocking achievements

In addition to MasterPoints, tier levels and a wide choice of rewards, members earn badges within the loyalty program. Badges add to the loyalty program’s gamification. Members are challenged to earn as many unique badges as they can.

MasterClub badges

m–wise loyalty cloud

A single source of truth across all channels

Cooler Master uses m—wise Loyalty Cloud to power its engaging, omni-channel program. And by using our white-label website and extensive social integrations, the program feels totally seamless across all channels with a golden record of data behind the scenes.

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"In our pursuit to make interaction with our brand more enjoyable for our community we realised a tailor-made solution would be the only solution. m–wise perfectly understood our wishes and have proven themselves to be a very pro-active and reliable partner that delivered a high-quality platform for us to use."

Glenn van der Geugten, Cooler Master

Glenn van der Geugten

Global Brand Marketing Director, Cooler Master

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