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Game Mania

Gamifying loyalty with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

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gamifying the loyalty experience

The Game Mania XP loyalty program

Customers love Game Mania XP because this loyalty program is a game in itself. We worked with Game Mania, the leading Benelux gaming retailer, to develop a highly personalised loyalty program with gamification at its core, powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud. The program won the Best Loyalty Industry Innovation award at the International Loyalty Awards 2023.


It's game on for customers

There are coins to collect, challenges to complete and badges to earn. And as members level up across Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, the program becomes even more rewarding with faster coin collection and more frequent offers.

Game Mania XP challenges


PlayStation gameplay earns real-life rewards

Game Mania XP members are rewarded for doing what they love: gaming! Customers can link their PlayStation account to their XP loyalty account. This opens up a whole new world of loyalty, in which a member’s in-game achievements earn real-life rewards from Game Mania. This industry first is made possible by m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

Game Mania badge for verified PlayStation users

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Totally seamless online and offline

There are so many ways to earn rewards, from adding an item to your online game collection to attending an in-store gaming event. Customers are rewarded for a huge range of online and offline activities that keep them engaged with the brand wherever they are.

Badges for achievements


Offers so relevant they feel tailor-made

Members receive personal offers and vouchers that have been specially selected for them based on their interests. This is a loyalty program that feels made for the member – not for the masses.

Game Mania XP personalised vouchers


The ultimate gaming experience

The launch of Game Mania XP marks another step forward in Game Mania’s mission to provide the ultimate gaming experience with great products reinforced by content, experience and community. This loyalty program truly is a game-changer.

Game Mania XP on laptop, phone and tablet

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