Turning customers into brand ambassadors

The Kipling.Me program

We helped global accessories retailer Kipling develop and launch an omni-channel mobile loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases and brand engagement.


The Kipling.Me program is based on Smile Points. Members earn a €10 discount for every 1,000 points but that’s not all.

Seamless omni-channel experience


Customers earn Smile Points in multiple ways: making a purchase, completing an online profile, engaging with Kipling’s social media posts, downloading the app or playing the in-app Monkey Game.

An interactive experience


The augmented reality Monkey Game makes earning points and engaging with the Kipling brand fun – this isn’t just another spend-to-get program.

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Creating brand ambassadors


The program surprises customers with personalized offers, collectors’ items and ‘happy presents’ like free gifts and exclusive event invitations.

“A complete contact strategy was worked out, with the profile and the behavior of the customer as a starting point.”

Jürgen Derycke

Marketing Director, Kipling EMEA

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