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Personalizing the restaurant experience

La Place Extra’s

We worked with international restaurant chain La Place to create La Place Extra’s, a highly digital restaurant loyalty program.

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Rewarding customers every time

perks & surprises

With each visit, customers receive a free Extra. These start with a free coffee when they join and the Extras keep coming with a constant variety of surprises — from drink refills to recipes.

Augmented reality


AR games create a buzz around special campaigns like the Easter egg hunt. They boost brand engagement, increase app downloads and drive footfall to locations.

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Always relevant


La Place Extra’s has been designed to be highly personalized with rewards tied to the customer’s behavior – so no free coffees for tea drinkers!

“m—wise really helps us understand our customers – we get to know their habits, predict their needs, and respond to these in personal and relevant ways.”

Derk Meuter

Marketing Manager

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