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m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Create the ultimate loyalty program with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

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From concept to launch in four simple steps.

Set up your program

You choose exactly how, when and where your program should run. It's fully customisable for your needs.

Connect your data

Seamlessly connect with your existing systems thanks to our extensive integrations and open architecture.

Create your content

It's time to customise the look and feel. Your program will be 100% unique and fit your brand identity to a tee.

Launch & measure

The fun begins! Enjoy instant access to performance insights so you can track your program's success as it happens.

customer overview

Get a 360º view of customers

Loyalty Cloud gives you a complete overview of customer activity across every channel – online, in-store, on mobile, on social media and more. You’ll understand your customers like never before. Want to check a member’s activity history or update their account details? No problem – everything you need is just a click away.

Customer overview in m—wise Loyalty Cloud
Segmentation example for vegan coffee drinker


Personalise to the max

Create personalised campaigns by segmenting your customers based on shared criteria. It could be past purchases, click behaviour, average spend, local store – the options are endless. Now you can create campaigns with the most relevant messaging imaginable for these segments. Your loyalty program will feel tailor-made for each member.

Points issuance

Reward every interaction

Rewarding your customer’s engagement — a transaction, click, store walk-in, email open, and more — helps build a long-lasting, profitable relationship. Loyalty Cloud makes it easy to create your own points issuance rules for any interaction with your brand.

Points issuance examples in m—wise Loyalty Cloud
Voucher examples in m—wise Loyalty Cloud

voucher creation

Issue rewards at the right time

Delight your customers with exciting vouchers at the right time, every time. You choose the who, what, how and when. You can even set up automated campaigns to issue vouchers for milestones, like birthdays, or triggered events, like point threshold hits. The sky is the limit when it comes to rewards.


Gamification meets loyalty

Wow your customers with challenges, badges, spin-to-win games and more – all custom designed for your brand. Our Campaigns module seamlessly incorporates gamification into your loyalty program. Get ready to create the most engaging loyalty program imaginable for your customers. It’s all possible with Loyalty Cloud.

See how we made it happen for Game Mania
Spin the wheel for a reward
Single sign-on for loyalty programs


Make onboarding a breeze

We can make life easier for you and your customers by implementing single sign-on technology. Your customers save time by using their existing social media accounts to join your program and you can engage with them on an additional channel — it’s a win-win.


Actionable insights in an instant

Loyalty Cloud makes it easy to evaluate your campaigns, find your best customers and understand their purchasing behaviour. The dedicated Insights module gives you a complete picture of your program’s performance at all times. You can dig deep into the data in seconds to discover insights that will drive your business forward.

Insights by country
Salesforce integration with m—wise Loyalty Cloud


Connects seamlessly with your marketing stack

Loyalty Cloud is designed to work seamlessly with your existing system and tools. Whether it’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud or point of sale software, your loyalty program will operate in perfect harmony with the rest of your stack.


Getting started is easy with our extensive integrations

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