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Vomar Voordeelmarkt

Powering supermarket loyalty with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

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Customer-centric Loyalty

The customer is king with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Vomar Voordeelmarkt, the fasting growing supermarket chain in the Netherlands, uses m—wise Loyalty Cloud to power the Klant is Koning (Customer is King) savings program in-store, online and via mobile app.


A rewarding supermarket experience in-store and online

Customers can save and track their savings points seamlessly online and offline. They simply scan their card at the point of sale to buy savings points. Points can be checked in the customer’s online account or via the mobile app at any time.

Vomar Seamless online offline

data management

Golden customer records support unified journeys

A customer’s data, points and rewards are always up-to-date and easily accessible in one secure spot. m—wise Loyalty Cloud collects all data associated with the customer and updates in real-time. That means there is always one central customer record.

Vomar Golden Customer Record

Loyalty starts with m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

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Taking loyalty to the next level with Salesforce

The seamless connection between m—wise Loyalty Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivers faster and more effective campaigns. m—wise Loyalty Cloud delivers the customer data and points balance that powers personalised loyalty communications through Salesforce.

Vomar Salesforce integration


A savings program that gives back to local communities

Customers can save money for over 1,000 community associations simply by scanning their member card or mobile app. The company then pays 0.5% of the total amount spent on groceries to the association every quarter. Customers love that the more they shop, the more they give back.

Vomar Save for association


Behind every great program is a great platform

This supermarket savings program has it all. From personalised promotions to charitable donations, Vomar Voordeelmarkt shows customers that their loyalty matters. The customer really is king with m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

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