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m—wise Loyalty Cloud | Rewards

Reward your customers with vouchers, gifts, points and more

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Issue the right reward at the right time

You’ll have the power to choose the perfect reward for each campaign and customer. Choose between percentage discount vouchers, monetary discounts, product/service giveaways, free gifts or points. Why not surprise your customers with a different reward each time? With m—wise Loyalty Cloud, it’s easy to create exciting rewards that keep you top of mind.

Examples of reward types with percentage discount, monetary discount and a free item.
An in-store discount on sportswear created with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

seamless redemption

Vouchers that work seamlessly online and offline

m—wise Loyalty Cloud makes it easy to unite the online and offline worlds. You choose whether each voucher can be redeemed in-store, online or both. We make this feel seamless for the customer with connections between online accounts, apps, POS systems and more. Even in-store vouchers can incorporate online and mobile elements.

Tier levels

Give your customers the VIP treatment with Tier Levels

Tier levels give your customers a great reason to keep coming back, and you’ll gain a higher retention rate and more engaged customers. It’s a total win-win. Adding tier levels is simple with m—wise Loyalty Cloud. You can add as many tiers, perks and language versions as you like. This is loyalty without limits.

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Tier Levels on m–wise Loyalty Cloud
A Playstation discount voucher available in German, Dutch and English

fully customisable

Fully customisable and multilingual vouchers

Serving customers in multiple countries? m—wise Loyalty Cloud is designed with your multilingual needs in minds. Vouchers can be created in multiple languages and shared in the locations of your choice. Our multinational clients love this feature, as do companies in multilingual countries like Belgium. Their loyalty programs deliver a consistent experience in every language and location.

Issuance & redemption

Personalised and convenient for a more rewarding experience

Make your customers smile with vouchers that are personalised, relevant to their needs and easy to redeem too. Vouchers can even be automatically added to customer accounts so they ‘magically’ appear at the payment stage – whether that’s in-store, in-app or online. Your program will feel refreshingly simple and totally rewarding.

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A €10 discount for lingerie store customers personalised by product category preference
Setting the validity period of a rewards voucher on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Voucher management

Create and customise vouchers with ease

m—wise Loyalty Cloud’s voucher creation tool was designed with busy marketing teams in mind. You choose exactly how you want vouchers to appear and function by selecting your desired customisation options. You’ll have an exciting new voucher campaign with just a few clicks.


Get comprehensive performance insights at a glance

See exactly how rewards and voucher campaigns are performing in real-time. The stats you need to know like redemption and issuance are always available and up-to-date. Hone in one voucher campaign or see a wider overview of performance. Everything you need to know is right there in the platform.

Chart showing reward issuance and redemption statistics in m—wise Loyalty Cloud
Examples of available integrations to connect m—wise Loyalty Cloud with other platforms


Rewards that work seamlessly with your favourite tools

m–wise Loyalty Cloud can easily connect to the tools you use every day to ensure that your loyalty program feels seamless for your team and your customers. Countless integrations are available. If you’re curious about a connection, our experts are here to help.

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