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How to name your loyalty program for maximum impact

Your loyalty program’s name is an important factor in its success. The right name can encourage people to join, while the wrong name can confuse customers or turn them off entirely.

So, how do you choose the right name for your loyalty program? Here are a few ideas from our experts with examples of effective loyalty program names from around the globe.

Create a sense of community 

If your aim is to build a strong community of brand advocates, you may want to consider using an affiliate-style name that bonds members together. This type of name implies that customers are part of a select group.

Using terms like ‘Ambassadors’, ‘Friends’, ‘Inner Circle’, or ‘Insiders’ lets customers know that they are joining something exclusive. Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is a great example of a brand getting it right.

Sephora Beauty Insiders

Strengthen your brand identity 

If you have a strong brand identity, you may want to consider using part of your brand name within the loyalty program’s name. Take the example of Adidas. Its adiClub loyalty program feels like a natural extension of the Adidas brand.

Other big names taking this approach include Anthropologie’s AnthroPerks, and Estée Lauder’s Estée E-List. The end result is a program that sits squarely within their existing brand identity, while still feeling fresh and new.

adiClub loyalty program

Focus on the saving mechanism 

What saving mechanism will your program use? Is it something like points, stars, hearts, tokens, or coins? That’s a great opportunity to create a unique name. Take the example of the sustainable energy provider Eneco.

Its Enecoins loyalty program encourages members to save virtual coins that can be ‘spent’ on rewards of their choice. By putting the saving mechanism front and centre in the name, Eneco effectively communicates what the program is all about. 

Enecoins loyalty program website homepage

Make it personal for your members 

A good loyalty program name should make customers feel like they’re part of something special. A simple but effective technique is to use ‘me’ or ‘my’ in your loyalty program name.

This contributes to the idea of a 1:1 relationship between the company and the customer. Retailers who take this approach within their loyalty programs include Abercrombie with myAbercrombie, and Kipling with Kipling.Me. 

Kipling loyalty program

Claim a brand value  

This will vary depending on your brand and what message you want to send. Let’s take the example of the outerwear retailer The North Face. Its XPLR Pass loyalty program appeals to its customers’ love for adventure and exploring the great outdoors.

The XPLR pass program actually rewards members for being good explorers too. Members are rewarded for checking in at National Parks in the US, and for eco-friendly actions like bringing a reusable shopping bag to stores. 

North Face XPLR pass website

Choose a name that sticks 

Make your loyalty program name memorable with alliteration, puns, or references that will click with your base. These types of names are easy for customers to remember and can help your program stand out from the crowd.

Game Mania, the leading gaming retailer in the Benelux, wanted a name that would stick with gaming enthusiasts. And so, the Game Mania XP loyalty program was born. Members love that earning XP is a core part of this program – from the name to the extensive loyalty gamification within. 

Game Mania loyalty program

Reinforce exclusivity 

Using words like ‘Royalty’, ‘Privileges’, ‘VIP’ and ‘Preferred’ makes your program feel aspirational. This works particularly well if tier levels form part of your loyalty program. Customers will want to join and participate to earn special treatment and experiential benefits.

Companies in the hospitality and travel industry often take this approach. For example, the Hilton Honors program tells members that they are honoured guests with exclusive benefits like free room upgrades, late check-outs, and lounge access. 

Hilton Honors app screens

 Focus on the rewards 

You can easily communicate the value of membership by focusing your loyalty program name on the rewards. Words like ‘Perks’, ‘Gifts’, ‘Advantages’, and ‘Benefits’ work well. The international restaurant chain La Place offers the La Place Extra’s loyalty program for this reason.

La Place Extra’s members earn a free extra with every restaurant visit, such as a free slice of cake with their coffee. The core value of membership is right there in the name – it’s all about the extras! 

La Place Extra's loyalty program

Choosing the right name for your loyalty program is essential to its success, particularly at the launch and onboarding stages.

Remember to keep it simple, make it memorable, and make sure it’s relevant to your brand. You’ll be on your way to creating the perfect loyalty program in no time.

m—wise can help make your dream loyalty program a reality.

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