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Looking back at 1 year of loyalty success for Game Mania XP

How Game Mania strengthened loyalty in 2020

On 14 February 2020, Game Mania launched Game Mania XP in partnership with m—wise. Powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud, Game Mania XP is a highly personalised loyalty program with gamification at its core.

Customers are rewarded for a wide range of activities, interactions and engagement. It offers an exciting mix of coins, badges, challenges, tier levels, exclusive deals and personal vouchers that keep members coming back for more.

1 year of the ultimate gaming loyalty program

Launching a loyalty program in a challenging year

Just a few short weeks after Game Mania XP launched, the retail world turned upside down as COVID restrictions were introduced. The company took the unprecedented step of temporarily closing its Benelux stores almost a month to the day after launch. 

However, Game Mania turned a difficult situation into an opportunity to delight customers and strengthen loyalty. The program had been designed to work seamlessly online and offline (smart move!) so when stores closed, the loyalty program helped Game Mania stay connected to its customer base.

Why omni-channel engagement was crucial

The brand focused on stimulating engagement via online channels. Customers were soon immersed in a whole new world of gamified loyalty online with badges to unlock, coins to earn, quests to accomplish and challenges to win.

Game Mania’s lockdown challenges were especially popular and were shared widely across social media. They kept customers engaged and kept the company top-of-mind.

Game Mania lockdown challenges

Celebrating a successful first year

Membership just keeps on growing for Game Mania XP. At current count, membership stands at 1.3 million! The success of the program can be seen not only in terms of revenue but in its sky-high engagement rates. Game Mania XP is building a much stronger relationship between the company and its customers. Here are just a few snapshots of success:

Coins and badges unlocked

659 million coins and badges

659 million coins were earned by unlocking badges and completing quests such as adding a game to a wishlist, making three different purchases or viewing an influencer stream.

Tier level progression all the way to Platinum

0.47% Platinum tier

Members progress through tier levels, earning extra benefits as they go from Bronze to Silver, Gold and the highly sought-after Platinum. An incredible 0.47% of members already levelled up to the exclusive Platinum Class in the first year of the program! 

Making a difference with Gamers4Life

€57,058 raised by Gamers4life

€ 57,058 was raised for the Children’s Cancer Fund and KiKa with the Gamers4Life initiative. And 1 million coins were awarded through the sale of the €2 vouchers for charity.

Tempting XP deals and partner offers

134 XP deals

134 different XP deals were offered exclusively to members in the first year. New deals are added each month and Game Mania’s extensive partnership network also enables members to use their coins to buy discount vouchers for companies like, Fresh ‘n Rebel and more. 

A seamless experience for Apple Wallet users

10,000 Apple Wallet users

10,000 members added their Game Mania XP card to Apple Wallet so that their member card is always at hand with all the unmissable benefits it provides.

Exciting badges that recognise and reward loyalty

40% of members have 5 year badge

The program recognises and rewards customers for their long-term loyalty with badges awarded for 5, 10, 20 and 25 years as a customer of Game Mania. 40% of members earned the 5-year badge already in the first year of the program!

Game Mania XP is truly a festival of recognition that makes each customer feel valued in so many ways.

And the game has only just begun

One year on from launch, Game Mania XP is going from strength to strength. This really is the ultimate gaming loyalty program and there are more exciting developments to come. Watch this space!

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