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m—wise Loyalty Cloud | Segment Builder

Power more effective campaigns with segmentation

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Customer activity

Segment based on any customer activity

Create a segment based on any customer activity you like. it could be their online activity, transactions, mobile use, email engagement and more. And the best part? Multiple activities can be combined so you can quickly create highly specific segments for use in personalised campaigns.

Data on customer activities online, in-store and on mobile is used to create segments
Customer segmentation on transaction dates is used to send review reminders and points

Campaign targeting

Target the right customers at the right time – every time

Create highly effective targeted campaigns with ease. Maybe you want to increase purchase frequency among your biggest spenders? Or prevent lapsed customers? Or promote app downloads and usage? The Segment Builder is your go-to tool to achieve all this and more.

Personalising experiences

Treat every customer like a VIP

Group your customers based on similar events, actions or behaviour. All the data on your customer’s likes, preferences and habits are right at your fingertips so your segments can be used to create campaigns and rewards that are so personal and relevant, your customers will feel like they were created just for them.

Personalised birthday voucher for a dairy-free coffee
Segment of lapsed customers receive a personalised email with a double points offer

Drive engagement & retention

Keep your customers coming back

It’s easy to segment customers based on their last interaction or purchase date. You can encourage them back to your brand with a tempting reward or an intriguing campaign. You can even create an automated win-back journey with your segment so your re-engagement strategy runs like clockwork.

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Drag-and-drop functionality

Sophisticated segments in seconds

Simply drag and drop to create any segment you like from your customer data. You can then use these segments in any campaign straight away. It couldn’t be simpler. Have more complex needs? Loyalty Cloud also supports custom SQL queries to ensure that your unique requirements are covered.

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Creating a segment of mobile app users without recent transactions for a customer retention campaign
m—wise Loyalty Cloud integrates with MailChimp to send customers vouchers via email

Seamless integration

Streamline your campaigns with marketing automation

m—wise Loyalty Cloud can integrate with virtually any marketing or CRM platform on the market. This ensures the segments you create sync seamlessly with the communications you send. You can segment, sync and send all in one spot. Managing your loyalty program doesn’t get much easier than that!

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