Capture customer data

As the hub of all data sources, the analytics module gathers real-time data around customer preferences, lifestyle, online and instore browsing and purchasing habits.

Analyse customer behavior

Customer focus starts with knowing your customers. Identify actionable customer groups by using transactional data, online click behavior, customer profiles, and preferences.

Segment customers

Analyze your customer data through our web based solution and create unique customer segments. The freshly created segments are ready for campaigning instantly.

Predict & Automate

Predict what will happen next, make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. The analytics solution enables you to predict the right message, channel and timing for each customer to deliver real-time.

Measure and analyse results

With our analytics solution, you analyze and report by selecting or excluding variables. Which are your best customers or products are selling the best?

Optimize products & services

Integrate POS data, market data, shopper data and basket data at every store level providing an instant view of productivity and necessity of each item in your assortment.

Features for this solution

Our solutions are based upon a set of features, which can be enabled at any time. Pick & choose your perfect set of features for your company’s wants and needs!

Adaptive modeling

Give your shoppers personalized recommendations by using our recommendation models.


Track your customer’s browsing behavior just like all other behavior

Customer Service

Through full integration with your customer care channels not a single customer contact moment is missed out.

Holistic view

All relevant customer, transactional, online, social and mobile data is integrated.

Mobile access

Have direct access to your key KPI’s on your mobile ready dashboards.

Right now

Track and trace customer behavior as its happing.

Social Analytics

Measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns with the social analytics solution.


Capture the voice of the customer. Collect actionable data from your customer base with the multi-mode survey solution.

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