Pick the right channel

Speaking directly to each individual customer at the right time via the right channel is key to successful marketing. Deliver personalized, relevant marketing messages across all channels with our easy to operate campaign management solution.

Create responsive content

Be relevant and segment your e-mails even more. Drag and drop content from your content repository into pre-defined responsive templates and create messages with the blink of an eye.

Create Personalized Experiences

Leverage the customer profile to deliver experiences that are unique to each individual. Analyze individual behavior, location, recent search terms and more, to deliver real-time content and purchase suggestions.

Target the right audience

Easily segment your customer base to create highly targeted and relevant messages via the most relevant channel. You do not need to be a technical expert to create the most sophisticated selections in our solution.

Automate the customer dialogue

Develop strong relationships with your customers by building your own targeted, individualized customer journeys across channels and devices. Every event, a click in your webshop for instance can be an occasion to surprise the customer.

Measure and optimize

Our solution gives you real-time access to the results of your campaigns and enables you to follow the contact moments live. It’s vital information for you to optimize every particular step of the customer journey.

Measure campaign performance

Measure the performance of individual or multiple campaigns through the live dashboards. Any interaction with the customer through social, mobile, e-mail, online or even POS is measurable down to the last euro in the analytics module.

Features for this solution

Our solutions are based upon a set of features, which can be enabled at any time. Pick & choose your perfect set of features for your company’s wants and needs!

Behavioral targeting

Based on click behavior, historical behavioral data and the customer profile, highly relevant recommendations can be shown.

Build microsites

Create your own landing pages or even micro sites in minutes!

Campaign testing methods

Effortless! Learn every day by simple out-of-the-box A/B testing capabilities.


Create, execute, manage and evaluate event-driven campaigns. To develop the customer dialogue that’s right for your business.

Instore personalization

Easily set up highly personalized offers in our campaign situation trough seamless integration with your till system.


Enhanced geo-fencing capabilities for hyper-personalized app messages.

Multi channel

Utilize all your touch points; campaign online, via email, direct mail, mobile app, instore and on social.

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