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New feature: Partner rewards on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Add any partner offer to your loyalty program with m–wise Loyalty Cloud

The customer reward possibilities on m—wise Loyalty Cloud just got even better. You can now easily share any partner offer within your loyalty program. If you’re eager to expand your reward offerings beyond your own products or services, you are going to love this brand-new feature.

Your step-by-step guide to adding partner offers


Step 1: Design your voucher

As with all rewards created with m—wise Loyalty Cloud, you decide exactly how your voucher should look. Customise with images, text and conditions to define what your customers will see at all voucher stages: offer, activated, redeemed and expired.

Voucher design screen on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Step 2: Get your promo code

Find the relevant promo code from your partner or e-commerce platform. Below we’ve shown you how it would work with Shopify, but the options really are endless. You can choose any platform you like.

Grab a promo code from your partner or e-commerce platform

Step 3: Import the promo code

Now you have your promo code, it’s as simple as importing it into m—wise Loyalty Cloud. No coding skills are needed; it’s totally intuitive and quick to set up.

Importing a promo code on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Step 4: Publish the voucher

Set your voucher to go live and your customers will see it as an available offer. Here’s an example below of a percentage discount offer. These could also be monetary discounts, product/service giveaways or exclusive deals.

Step 5: Your customers can claim their reward

Congratulations – you just made your loyalty program even more rewarding! Your customers can enjoy their chosen partner offer or reward and you can track the redemption rate in m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

And repeat

Keep your program moving forward by adding more exciting partner offers and rewards. You can add as many partner offers as you like to your program. Make sure you track which rewards perform best via m—wise Loyalty Cloud and use these insights to keep your program moving forward and your customers coming back.

There’s so much more to see in m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

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