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m—wise Loyalty Cloud | Journey Builder

Build 1:1 customer journeys within your loyalty program

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Omni-channel customer journeys

Deliver cross-channel personalised experiences

Each customer has their own unique preferences for the channels they use, message delivery times and more. With the Journey Builder, you can use this knowledge to further personalise customer journeys. So it’s not just your content that’s personalised, it’s the entire experience!

Example of an omni-channel loyalty program in the gaming industry
Real-time event triggers an email due to a product category view

Real-time event triggers

Trigger high-converting campaigns in real-time

Hit ’em while they’re hot! Triggered journeys enable you to initiate highly effective customer journeys in real-time. A triggered journey enables you to set the conditions of a real-time event coming in, such as a specific webpage visit, a geofence hit, a wish list addition or a push message open.

Journey automation

Surprise and delight with journey scheduling

Surprise customers at specific moments through scheduled journeys. Whether it’s an annual birthday voucher or a special discount for your top spenders, you choose the criteria that should be met to receive each voucher. Journey automation helps you amplify touchpoints and stay top-of-mind with your members.

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Scheduling a customer journey for loyalty program automation
Personalising a customer journey using a segment for lingerie customers

Journey personalisation

Personalise journeys with segmentation

Personalise journeys further by incorporating customer segments that break down your customers by age group, tier level, purchase habits, mobile app usage and more. The Journey Builder makes every customer journey feel totally personalised and relevant.

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Reward personalisation

Make every reward feel personal

Forget one-size-fits-all rewards. m—wise Loyalty Cloud enables you to incorporate personalised rewards within your customer journey. Surprise and delight customers with a range of personalised, relevant rewards that will make your brand their absolute favourite.

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Customer journey for a personalised birthday reward
A selection of online and in-store events trigger points issuance for customers

Point issuance

Incorporate multiple ways to issue points

Incorporate points into your loyalty program for more than just purchases. You can choose to issue points to customers based on activities, events, promotions, transactions, gamification and much more. And behind-the-scenes, it couldn’t be easier to create a new points rule whenever you like.

Seamless journeys

Journeys that flow seamlessly online and offline

Connect with your customers when it matters most. m—wise Loyalty Cloud’s Journey Builder powers real-time interactions that can be triggered by any number of online or offline events. Journeys can be scheduled to send highly effective emails or push messages that reach your customer at precisely the right moment.

Integration between m—wise Loyalty Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports real-time engagement with customers

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