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m—wise Loyalty Cloud | Customer Management

Create and manage a truly customer-centric loyalty program

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Comprehensive customer overview

Empower customer service to deliver loyalty-building interactions

Every interaction is an opportunity to delight your customers and build lasting loyalty. Empower your team to go above and beyond with a comprehensive overview of each customer’s cross-channel behaviour, history and preferences. The customer overview gives your team the context needed to take customer service to the next level.

Customer Overview shows full customer history including online and offline activities
Customer history shows a recent app download and store visit

Complete customer history

Every customer touchpoint is visible to your team

The customer history feature ensure that all touchpoints with the customer are visible and quickly accessible. You’ll see all past interactions including purchases, store visits, e-mail clicks, push message opens, geofence hits, app downloads, social media interactions, gameplay and more.


Customer & partner rewards management

See the status of all rewards at a glance

Reward status is always visible so you know exactly how many points a customer received, their tier level, active vouchers, badges awarded and so on. You can access all the reward-related information on any customer with just a few clicks. It’s fast and easy so your team can deliver a professional experience every time.

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Customer rewards screen for partner rewards at other retailers
Customer Service resolve a problem by manually adding points and sending a confirmation message

Customer data updates

Manually update customer data with just a few clicks

You have the ability to manually adjust rewards with immediate effect, for example increasing the number of points issued. The API steered infrastructure enables real-time visualisation of the updates via all your customer experience channels: in-store, online, mobile – you name it.

Cross-channel customer overview

Handle customer service requests with a 360° overview

Your team has the ability to handle customer service requests, such as address changes and updating customer permissions, in an instant. They see everything they need to know from all channels at a glance to deliver a customer service experience like no other. After all, every interaction with your customer is a loyalty-building moment. 

Managing a customer service request for an address change with m—wise Loyalty Cloud
A customer is grouped into segments depending on their behaviour for easier Customer Management

Understand your customers

See each customer's relevant segments

You’ll also see exactly which segments a customer belongs to so you can provide the right service to them. Perhaps you want to allocate more attention to your biggest spenders or increase cross-sell opportunities for regulars. Segments will tell you exactly who your customers are at a glance – all to make your efforts more effective.

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