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m—wise welcomes Vomar supermarket chain as new client

What happens when a supermarket with five decades of history joins forces with an agency with two decades in loyalty? Customers of Vomar Voordeelmarkt will find out in 2019.

We are delighted to announce that m—wise will be working with Vomar, the fastest growing supermarket chain in the Netherlands, to revitalize the KIK (Klant is Koning) loyalty program.

Powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Vomar will be working with m—wise Loyalty Cloud, our one-stop, cloud-based loyalty builder. This platform helps brands to create and manage a fully customisable loyalty program that perfectly fits their company’s wants and needs.

The company’s existing program will be migrated to Loyalty Cloud to ensure a seamless experience for customers and marketers alike. Thereafter, the opportunities to create incredible customer experiences are endless.

2019 looks bright for Vomar

Following Vomar’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2018, the brand has a new milestone to look forward to in 2019. Watch this space!

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