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Adding tier levels for a more effective loyalty program

Are you looking for ways to grow your business and keep customers coming back? If so, a tiered loyalty program to could be the answer. By offering increased rewards and incentives through tier levels, you can strengthen greatly retention and stimulate repeat business.

So how do tiered loyalty programs work, what are the main benefits and how can you implement them? Here we’ll take a close look at all you need to know about loyalty tier levels.

What is a tiered loyalty program?

A tiered loyalty program is a rewards program that offers increasing levels of benefits as customers spend more money with a business. Typically, these programs have at least three or four tiers, with each successive tier offering greater rewards than the last. Check out how Game Mania XP loyalty program uses tier levels for loyalty gamification.

Example of a tiered loyalty program with benefits

What are the main benefits of tiered loyalty programs?

Increase spend and order frequency

There are several loyalty program benefits that businesses can enjoy by introducing tier levels. First and foremost, tiered loyalty programs encourage customers to spend more money with a business in order to reach the next level and receive greater rewards. This can lead to increased revenue for a business over time.

Boost customer engagement

A tiered loyalty program can help make your loyalty program more engaging. By rewarding your customers for more than just purchases, you can increase engagement and brand ambassadorship. Giving your customers multiple ways to climb the levels means more opportunities for them to interact with your brand. You could reward social media interactions, app downloads, newsletter subscriptions and so much more.

Multiple ways to earn points via activities

Add value to your proposition

Another key benefit of tiered loyalty programs is that they help you add value to your proposition. By offering greater rewards at higher levels, businesses can encourage customers to switch to them and stay loyal in the long run. It also gives you an edge over your competition. Why go to a competitor when your brand offers them a VIP, money-can’t-buy experience?

In-app message to alert customer that thy reached a new tier level in a loyalty program

How to add tier levels to your loyalty program

It’s important to use a loyalty system that allows you to add custom perks and benefits. This ensures that your program feels unique, personal and relevant.

You want your loyalty program to grow with your business, so your loyalty software should also allow you to add unlimited perks, benefits and tiers. If your program operates internationally, ensure that your system supports multi-lingual variations too.

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