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Loyalty KPI reports in an instant with m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Let’s face it: KPI reporting can be a real pain. It can be time-consuming, spread across multiple sources, and even require a data specialist to make sense of the numbers. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our new loyalty KPI reports can do the heavy lifting for you. With m—wise Loyalty Cloud, clear and comprehensive loyalty performance reports are right at your fingertips. That means your team can spend less time crunching numbers and more time hitting your KPIs out of the park!

A snapshot of the loyalty KPI reports on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

Our extensive range of KPI reports covers every aspect of your loyalty program’s performance. Let’s take a look at some key questions that will be answered in seconds:


How has your member base grown over time?

See exactly how your member base is growing in the dedicated Baseflow report. Choose any comparison period you like. This report is vital for understanding the overall health of your loyalty program. Check it regularly to reveal any early signs of a downward trend so you can act in time to keep your program moving in the right direction.

KPI report example on m—wise Loyalty Cloud


How many customers can you reach with a campaign?

The Reach report shows you important metrics like your number of active, new and lapsed members. You’ll see the total numbers, as well as the growth percentage to make reporting even easier. Keep an eye out for any increases in lapsed members. This way, you can take early action with an enticing new campaign to boost your retention.

m—wise Loyalty Cloud Reach Report


What is the make-up of your members? Are you attracting your target audience?

You’ll find dedicated reports showing the gender, age, location and generational categories of your members. This will help you understand the demographics of your base and determine if your program is successfully attracting your target market. Under pressure to attract younger customers? The Generations report will show you precisely how you’re performing.

PS: check out this guide to what Gen Z want from loyalty for some eye-opening insights!

m—wise Loyalty Cloud generations report


How engaged are your members? Are they still participating in the program?

Dive into reports like Earn v. Event where you can see exactly how many points have been awarded to your members over a selected period. When the points earned are increasing, you know that your members are engaging with your program. If that number starts to drop, take it as a sign to focus more attention on customer engagement in your program.

m—wise Loyalty Cloud earn event report


How many vouchers have members used?

The ‘burn’ stage of your program is crucial for reporting too. You’ll want to keep track of how many rewards are redeemed. The Voucher Redemption report shows you everything you need to know about how your customers are using vouchers. You’ll find similar reports to track additional reward types too, such as the number of badges earned by members.

m—wise Loyalty Cloud voucher redemption report

And that’s just a hint of the loyalty KPI reports on offer

Our full range of loyalty KPI reports provides you with all the actionable insights you need to keep your loyalty program moving forward. So what are you waiting for? Get a demo of m—wise Loyalty Cloud and take the first step to next-level loyalty today.

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