The weather in de lead for Shoeby

Helping Shoeby create a storm

Talking about content relevance, we recently helped Shoeby develop a campaign to ensure every autumn cloud from now on has a silver lining for Shoeby’s conversion rates.

Smart: loyalty program members received a personalised email targeted to 1 of 5 market segments.

Smarter: the gender-specific emails featured 1 rain-gear garment with a link to a landing page featuring more wider male/female autumn products.

Smartest: but for real impact, emails also referred to the current weather in the recipient’s hometown and were sent at optimal moments. For example, a wet October Thursday when more rain was forecast for the weekend (luckily such Thursdays are fairly common in the Netherlands!).

Campaign analysis showed an impressive uplift in open rate and click rate. So this looks like one campaign that’s going to stay in fashion for a few seasons yet.

To experience it yourself, join the Shoeby loyalty program.

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