Single sign-on for increased customer engagement

The convenience that makes consumers choose you

Convenience and engagement: two things modern consumers demand — and single sign-on gives them. Enable your customers to register or log in once and effortlessly navigate across your multiple websites, your mobile app and my accounts without needing to log in again. Provide your customers the option to register or sign-in to your site with the click of a button with an existing identity from one of 30+ networks, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo!

The engagement that means they’ll stay

Single sign-on also enables deeper engagement with your customer. Through high quality social profile data on the one hand; while on the other building a unified customer view that combines consumer demographics with vital data from your till system, email campaigns and mobile app engagement. So you can give customers the more personalised, more relevant and richer relationship they seek. Download the brochure.

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