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Shoeby’s innovative Best Next Buy campaign

Shoeby finds the perfect fit

Dutch fashion retailer Shoeby owes its growing success to a trendy, value-for-money collection that is constantly changing to remain up-to-date. It’s a strategy that demands proactive, personalised communication to keep consumers engaged. That’s why m-wise developed a Best Buy Next campaign to help sharpen the focus of Shoeby’s campaigns.

By comparing a client’s purchase history with that of other clients exhibiting similar behavior, the tool identifies a unique set of products for each client that are particularly topical and relevant to them. Shoeby then sends the client their bespoke product set via a specially developed, customisable email template.

Meet the client’s needs—and your priorities.

And because the email’s product selection avoids categories that they never purchase from Shoeby, the consumer feels (quite rightly) that Shoeby understands them better than other retailers.

The Best Next Buy campaign can be used in different categories. So the selection offered to a consumer can target different sales priorities, for example, by highlighting the new autumn collection or giving a neglected product range a boost.

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