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Salesforce’s purchase of Tableau is great news for marketers

Exciting news in June 2019 as Salesforce announced its purchase of data visualisation company Tableau. It’s the cloud-based software company’s largest acquisition to date, coming in at a cool $15.7 billion in an all-stock deal.

So what’s Tableau?

Glad you asked! Tableau is a powerful data visualisation and analytics tool for companies. Tableau puts the data you need to make informed, business-boosting decisions at your fingertips. It’s all about data intelligence for smarter decisions.

Tableau can help make your CRM activities more effective by generating actionable insights and predictive analytics. At m—wise, we use Tableau to provide our clients with advanced intelligence about overall customer activity and campaign performance in order to enhance their loyalty programs.

What you need to know

Take it from us when we say this is huge – we’re a Salesforce implementation partner and a Tableau partner.

By purchasing Tableau, Salesforce shows that it is continuing to expand beyond CRM software towards deeper levels of analytics. It’s a sure sign of exciting possibilities to come when the world’s #1 CRM joins forces with the #1 analytics platform.

In an interview with CNBC, Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky revealed that “there’s going to be a lot of attractiveness on the marketing and sales side.” Selipsky confirmed that Tableau will be able to share products, intellectual property and other assets with Salesforce.

Why it’s good for marketers

You probably already know that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the secret to creating engaging, omni-channel messaging. The platform can even drive AI-powered, hyper-personalised campaigns. That’s why we made our Loyalty Cloud solution integrate seamlessly with Salesforce for the most engaging loyalty programs imaginable.

The power of Salesforce for marketers is supercharged when Tableau is added to the mix. You get instant access to the kind of actionable insights that can dramatically improve your marketing performance. After all, your ability to see and understand your data strengthens your efforts to engage your customers.

Make it work for you

If your team hasn’t harnessed the power of Salesforce yet, what are you waiting for? This new deal means the sky’s the limit for marketing, CRM and customer loyalty.

Want to learn more about how Salesforce and Tableau can help grow your business?

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