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How loyalty programs are adapting to a Covid-19 world

Loyalty programs are designed to reward customer behaviour. So what happens when that behaviour suddenly changes? Forward-thinking brands are not waiting to find out. We’re seeing a surge in companies investing in fresh loyalty initiatives and upgraded programs. After all, customer loyalty is more important than ever during tough economic times.

Let’s look at six loyalty programs that have been relaunched, renewed and refreshed this year:

1. Starbucks

Delighting customers at home with expanded delivery service & gamified rewards

Starbucks loyalty program

Starbucks has focused on its customers’ changing needs in recent months. In partnership with Uber Eats, it launched an expanded delivery service so customers can get their caffeine fix at home. They also used gamification to keep customers entertained and engaged with the Starbucks Summer Game. And bigger changes keep coming. In September, the company announced a program overhaul with “More ways to pay. More ways to get rewarded.“, putting an increased focus on mobile payment and app usage. Starbucks Rewards is definitely a loyalty program to watch in the months ahead.

2. Vodafone

VeryMe rewards for a stay-at-home lifestyle

Vodafone rewards program

When the UK lockdown commenced, Vodafone adapted VeryMe Rewards to encourage customers to make the most of their time at home. The program now offers more online rewards with a focus on learning new skills. Customers can enjoy free access to 150+ online Udemy courses and to digital books from the academic library Perlego. And that’s not all. Vodafone is helping members stay connected with their loved ones by gifting their rewards to friends and family. This is a loyalty program that truly understands its customers changing wants and needs.

3. Sephora

More ways to earn and burn points for Beauty Insiders

Sephora loyalty program

Sephora upgraded its Beauty Insider loyalty program to take its customer experience to the next level in 2020 with more options to save and spend points online and in-store. Exciting new features include Beauty Insider Cash, which gives members instant savings on purchases, along with other exclusive benefits like point multiplier events online. Members will also now enjoy an increase in experiential rewards like early access to products and brand launches. By enhancing its overall value proposition, Sephora is leading the way towards long-term loyalty.

4. Primera

Delivering a seamless online experience

Primera loyalty program

Primera, the largest convenience store chain in the Netherlands, launched an expanded website with full e-commerce functionality. Customers now enjoy the same great service they expect from their local Primera store from the comfort of their own home. Take a closer look at the Primera loyalty program to find out how Primera’s customer experience became even more convenient.

5. Air France KLM

Flying Blue members maintain status with extra incentives to return to the skies

Flying Blue loyalty program

Flying Blue — a joint loyalty program of 6 airlines, including Air France KLM — quickly introduced a series of exceptional measures to keep its frequent flyers satisfied while travel possibilities are uncertain. All Elite members now maintain their status for an additional 12 months. Explorer members also benefit from the extension of miles and XP validity until the end of 2020. And members thinking of returning to the skies now have an extra incentive to do so – a gamified campaign to earn double miles and XP when they fly in 2020.

6. e.l.f. Cosmetics

Keeping the e.l.f Beauty Squad engaged with TikTok

e.l.f. Cosmetics loyalty program

e.l.f. Cosmetics switched up its marketing tactics for maximum impact amid the pandemic. They developed new engaging elements designed to delight e.l.f. Beauty Squad members and capture the attention of Gen Z. The company released a remix song on social media app TikTok called ‘Eyes. Lips. Face.’ – all part of an effort to raise awareness about preventing the spread of Covid-19. The official music video already has more than 2.4 million views on Youtube and has inspired more than 8,300 videos on TikTok, helping to spread the word worldwide.

Want to keep your loyalty strategy moving forward in 2020 and beyond?

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