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iPad App brings Kipling even closer to its customers

Successful pan-European launch

m—wise has developed a new in-store iPad app for Kipling that makes it even quicker and easier to sign up for their extremely popular Kipling Friends loyalty scheme. Following the app’s successful launch across all its European stores, Kipling now has a closer relationship with its customers than ever before.

Quick and easy is no longer optional

Today if a ‘loyalty’ scheme isn’t hassle free, any loyalty is soon lost. Quick and easy registration is now a must. Kipling has found registration via an iPad to be the ideal solution. Not only is it quick. With the iPad positioned near the till, customers can use the app to enter their personal details themselves while a Kipling employee deals with their purchases.

Higher quality data = higher quality customer relationship

An intimate dialogue with loyalty scheme members across channels is at the heart of Kipling’s customer intimacy strategy. To help achieve this, m—wise has developed multiple smart data validation checks for the app that have dramatically boosted the quality of registration data. After registering core information like name and email, customers are then asked for more detailed info such as their address and phone number.

Leveraging the brand’s strengths

The app enables Kipling to leverage the well-known affection its customers have for the brand, by showing that the feeling is mutual. As soon as they enter their details, new members immediately start collecting points towards their next purchase. And because the app is in real-time, by the time they’ve left the store, they’ve already received a relevant welcome email that starts the dialogue off on the right foot.

The iPad app has many other features customers will value. Like being able to see outstanding vouchers. Forgotten your loyalty card? No problem! Just enter your email address and the app identifies your membership. Features that ensure customers will love the clever Kipling app almost as much as they love the clever monkey behind it.

Want to boost your data quality while your customers are at the till? Contact m—wise.

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