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New Gleam integration on m—wise Loyalty Cloud

If you’re looking for a way to reward your customers for their social media activities, look no further than m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

Our brand new integration with Gleam allows you to reward your customers for virtually any social media activity within your loyalty program.

Reward your customers for social media engagement

Gleam is a marketing platform that allows businesses to run online competitions and drive engagement on social channels. Now thanks to m—wise Loyalty Cloud’s new integration, your loyalty program can connect with your customers on all their favourite platforms.

You can stimulate and reward customer engagement seamlessly across the widest range of channels – all within m—wise Loyalty Cloud. Use the built-in Journey Builder to make it happen in minutes. You can create unlimited journeys to reward as many activities on as many channels as you like.

Rewarding TikTok activity on m–wise Loyalty Cloud

Which online channels can I connect to my loyalty program?

All major social media, gaming, media and crowdfunding platforms can be connected to your loyalty program through m—wise Loyalty Cloud’s Gleam integration.

Whether it’s TikTok or Twitch, Pinterest or Patreon, your brand will always be just a tap, click or swipe away. Check out Gleam’s full list of integrations here.

Examples of connectors between Gleam and m—wise Loyalty Cloud

What online activities can I reward?

You can reward your customers for virtually any online engagement with your brand: using your Twitter hashtag, scanning your Snapchat snapcode, following you on Instagram, joining your Discord server, visiting your TikTok, sharing on LinkedIn and so much more.

And with m—wise Loyalty Cloud you choose exactly how to reward your customers for each activity. It could be with points, badges, vouchers or even free products or services.

Activity history on m—wise Loyalty Cloud showing social media engagements

How do I get started?

Not an m—wise Loyalty Cloud user yet? Get in touch and we’ll gladly give you a personal tour of the platform.

Already an m–wise Loyalty Cloud user? Simply ask your Account Manager about getting started with Gleam.

See m–wise Loyalty Cloud in action


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