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Five quick tips to boost loyalty

Watch below for five quick tips to boost loyalty

Get ready to create a loyalty program that your customers will love.

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  • Reward from the get-go: A welcome voucher or discount sets the tone for your program. After that, the rewards should just keep coming.
  • Surprise and delight: Build up an emotional connection with surprising elements that delight your customers. This is a great way to create true brand ambassadors.
  • Personalise to the max: Forget one-size-fits-all marketing. Send your members relevant messaging based on their preferences and behaviour.
  • Reward all engagement: Reward activities and interactions like social media shares, friend referrals, adding an item to a favourites list and so much more.
  • Gamify to create a buzz: Make your program fun to be part of. Gamification for points or prizes keeps your members coming back.

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We’ve been creating effective, omni-channel loyalty programs for two decades. Check out our approach to loyalty to find out more.

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