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loyalty concept creation

Every great love starts with a great story

You need a loyalty concept that exceeds expectations. It should wow your customers and perfectly fit your brand identity. That’s why we start by understanding your needs and defining a strategy. Then we guide you towards the right concept for your customer base and business. You’ll move forward with total confidence that an industry-leading loyalty program lies ahead.

Loyalty concept creation map
Blueprint for loyalty

loyalty blueprint

Map out the details with a loyalty blueprint

A well-structured loyalty blueprint is crucial for both short-term implementation and long-term sustainability. We help you outline a clear framework for your program that covers all necessary details, from enrolment process to migration rules. Our team leaves no stone unturned, guaranteeing that your loyalty blueprint is 100% complete and comprehensive.

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business case

Build a business case that's airtight

Need buy-in from above? We eliminate the stress from your internal approval process by delivering a business case that outlines the clear financial and business-boosting benefits of your future program. By methodically documenting the transformational potential of loyalty for your business, the only answer will be: “so when do we launch?”

Business case predictions & KPIs
Development of a mobile app


Enjoy a smooth ride from concept to launch

We’re with you every step of the way. We take care of the nitty-gritty details and keep you involved with the bigger picture. Our tried-and-tested approach to loyalty program development has been perfected over two decades. That’s why we’re the trusted loyalty partner of leading brands worldwide.

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Loyalty management

Manage and scale your loyalty program with ease

Don’t have the time or the (wo)manpower for day-to-day loyalty management? No problem. Think of us as your extended team. We can take care of anything and everything, from campaign management to KPI reporting. And your loyalty program will be in safe hands with our experts. We’ll help you reach your goals and take loyalty to new heights.

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