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Increase customer engagement from acquisition to advocacy

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Contact strategy

Create intimacy at scale with personalised communications

Make every interaction count with personalised and relevant messaging. We’re experts in developing comprehensive contact strategies that build an intimate dialogue between company and consumer. And we can help you drive engagement with a contact strategy that integrates all channels – email, mobile app, in-store, online, mobile push, SMS, geo-push and more.

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Contact strategy via email
Customer journey development

Journey development

Lead your customers on a journey to lasting loyalty

An effective customer journey is vital to achieving a more profitable and long-lasting relationship with your customers. With your unique business goals in mind, we create a customer journey that feels totally seamless across every channel. We make every interaction with your brand count.

Campaign management

Making every campaign more effective than the last

We have your marketing campaign needs completely covered, from initial ideas to execution. Our team can help you develop the right campaigns, target the right customers and deliver on the right channels. We can also set up intelligent campaign automation. All you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

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AkzoNobel CRM examples
Game Mania gamified incentives


Supercharge retention with gamification

We are here to help you incorporate gamification in a way that perfectly fits your brand identity and keeps your customers engaged between purchases. We’re experts in injecting the fun factor into loyalty. Think challenges, badges, tier levels, leaderboards, spin-to-win games – the sky is the limit with m—wise.

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