Traffic Manager

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Who is on top of client requests? You are. Who knows which specialist to patch into the conference call? You do. Who do clients ask for? For you, of course. When you’ve got the overview, the detailed ticket list and the status of each request at your fingertips — don’t be surprised if they sometimes call you the Traffic Master. You deserve it.

This outward-facing role has an inward-facing counterpart. Because you are responsible for client satisfaction, you work closely with every department within m—wise. You might fix the smaller issues yourself, but when it comes to things like complex push notifications you coordinate instead. You have a pivotal part to play during weekly ticket calls: customers on one side, m—wise specialists on the other.

We like to see you embrace your role. Really sink your teeth in it, gain heaps of experience, accumulate knowledge. And when you are ready to move on to a specialist role in one of the departments, e.g. if you’d like to become a Digital Marketing Specialist, just let us know. Because that is what we like to see even more: someone who can continue to grow within our dynamic environment.

Sounds good? Then you’ll love the checklist below.


  • You speak well but you’re an even better listener
  • When you write, we read — that’s how good your writing skills are
  • Who is in charge? You are, obviously (but alwaysin service to others)
  • You’re not shy to show your proficiency in English and Dutch
  • Not that you’re a coder, but you can follow basic IT conversations (and we talk a LOT of tech at the office)
  • Your ticket list is like the ultimate to do list: prioritized, concise and comprehensible
  • Because you are on top of things, traffic doesn’t just flow: it flies.

What we offer you

In return for your commitment as a Traffic Manager, we offer you a challenging work environment in the area of loyalty and marketing automation with an ambitious roadmap. And with every milestone you’ll accomplish with the team, you’ll certainly enjoy the fabled m—wise summer parties, winter sports and company outings on our own boat through the Amsterdam Canals. That is an essential part of our unique company culture. (And yes, of course we’ll make sure you can eat, live, go on holiday, work comfortably, enjoy your work time as well as your spare time, coach you to the next level, offer you training opportunities and make sure you’ll enjoy the onboarding process.)

Note: a valid visa or working permit is required when applying for the job.

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