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Solution Architect

Your role

As a Solution Architect at m—wise you combine analytical and creative skills in order to master the infrastructure needed to connect our clients to our platform and services. Yes, that means you’ll play a crucial role within the Systems team AND in the relationship with external partners that use our services. You are the ultimate puzzle master. You don’t run into problems; you encounter puzzles hungry for a solution! And so, you analyse them, build and re-build them, monitor them, solve them, improve them.

Your talent to turn abstract into concrete is like a super power: other people just see data, but you see information. When you build, test and deploy on our Loyalty Cloud solution, you prove that online executions are more than the current status quo. You are in it to win it and it shows: your work delivers on user engagement and conversion. If that sounds good, then riddle me this: will your contribution to m—wise revolutionise how we deliver value to our clients?


  • The ability to see far and the awareness that together, we can see much further (and you’re also perfectly fine locking yourself in a room for a day to crack a particularly nasty puzzle);
  • The strength to choose people over process, collaboration over negotiation, working software over documentation, and all other things Agile…
  • Plus a handful of years of experience in DevOps that helped you value specs and design documents;
  • The skill to explain to our clients what Microsoft Azure is;
  • A heart that beats faster when your solution reduces churn and boosts retention;
  • An affinity for retail;
  • A strong technical background (seriously, we’d love to learn from you);
  • Skills to write an impressive letter of application AND blow us away at the job interview.

What we offer you

In return for your commitment to our Systems department team, we offer you our most challenging development project in the area of loyalty and marketing automation with an ambitious roadmap. And with every milestone you’ll accomplish with the team, you’ll certainly enjoy the fabled m—wise summer parties, winter sports and company outings. That is an essential part of our unique company culture. (And yes, of course we’ll make sure you can eat, live, go on holiday, work comfortably, enjoy your work time as well as your spare time, coach you to the next level, offer you training opportunities and make sure you’ll enjoy the onboarding process.)

Responses from recruitment agencies will not be welcomed.

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