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This was ENGAGE VIP: A loyalty event like no other

On 11 October 2018, m—wise hosted the first ever ENGAGE VIP. An intimate group of retail, marketing and loyalty experts gathered at the stylish W Hotel Amsterdam for what proved to be a loyalty event like no other.

An evening of energising discussion followed covering the state of the industry, trends and rules for success. m—wise also presented the solutions that power effective loyalty programs.

The rules for loyalty success

Ties Top, Managing Director of m—wise, reported on the state of the industry in his keynote speech, revealing that engaged customers spend up to 56% more than the disengaged – something retailers experience daily.

Attendees heard how embracing ambassadors and rewarding customers for their engagement with their brand, can ultimately drive more business. The four guiding principles for a successful loyalty program were also revealed:

  • Make it easy — it should be easy for consumers to evaluate purchase options; decision simplicity is key.
  • Make it engaging — making your program fun and engaging can really boost customer acquisition and retention.
  • Make it personal — get the channel, timing, offer and tone of voice right and watch your response rate go through the roof.
  • Make it memorable — when you make your program easy, engaging and personal, the memorability factor takes care of itself.

The only missing piece? The right solution.

'Make it Engaging' on screen | Presentation by Ties Top at ENGAGE VIP 2018

m—wise Loyalty Cloud for effective loyalty programs

The new m–wise Loyalty Cloud platform was unveiled. This innovative, cloud-based solution allows brands to create a loyalty program that is entirely customisable to their wants and needs.

Attendees were surprised to see how easy it is to create rules to reward customers. You simply choose an action to reward (like walking into a store) then set up the timing, duration and any special conditions. You can also choose which customers it should apply to – certain segments or all. And there you have it: exciting ways to reward your customers created in an instant.

Discussions also covered the extensive customer insights on the platform, easy customer segmentation and the many ways customers can use their points, from vouchers to in-app games.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for personalised customer journeys

Louis-Paul Linssen, Salesforce Consultant at m—wise, revealed the numerous ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help create personalised customer journeys and an effective contact strategy. The audience learned how the latest technology can make campaigns smarter – enhancing the user experience and increasing relevancy.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud modules were also explained in terms of the benefits for loyalty management, including (but not limited to):

  • Email Studio for sophisticated, engaging emails;
  • Mobile Studio for relevant messaging;
  • Social Studio for comprehensive social listening and engagement;
  • Web Studio for optimal landing pages;
  • Content Builder for consistency across all channels.

m—wise Analytics Cloud for actionable customer insights

Stephan van Heusden, Digital Marketing Services Manager at m—wise, revealed how m—wise Analytics Cloud can help marketers uncover the customer insights that matter in seconds and on any device.

Answers to important questions, like ‘What was my top campaign?’, are readily available in comprehensive, easily-digestible campaign reports. Custom dashboard creation also ensures that a brand has access to the analytics that matter to their business, their customers and their campaigns.

Screen showing dashboard development feature of m—wise Analytics Cloud at ENGAGE VIP 2018

And that was ENGAGE VIP 2018

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