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m—wise and Notificare announce partnership

m—wise and Notificare announce partnership to deliver a seamless mobile loyalty solution

m—wise, a data-driven marketing agency specialising in customer loyalty and marketing automation, announces its new partnership with Notificare. Notificare is a leading Contextual Marketing Automation Platform that allows marketers to send context-relevant and interactive notifications to their customers.

With this partnership, both clients from m—wise and Notificare can benefit from the integration of the m—wise Loyalty Cloud and Notificare platforms. m—wise Loyalty Cloud is a cloud-based loyalty solution designed to help brands create a unique loyalty program that perfectly fits their wants and needs. Integration with the Notificare platform guarantees that both mobile app data and website data become insightful and actionable.

Connecting m—wise Loyalty Cloud to the Notificare platform opens up a whole new world for the marketer. By making smart use of the two products, the message to the consumer can be increasingly personal and relevant. For the marketer, this integration of platforms delivers a total 360° customer view that supports the customer journey better and, with the right tools, can influence it positively.

The use of real-time technology allows for more personal and relevant messaging. For example, when the customer approaches a geofence or iBeacon, the marketer can make effective use of web and mobile push notifications and of the possibilities offered by wallet apps such as Apple Wallet.

Taking loyalty to the next level

This partnership brings loyalty to a whole new level. The data flow is now optimised and the customer journey is monitored over different channels. This can be seen in a direct increase in the number of active users, an increase in customer retention, and by smart use of advanced segmentation and a conversion increase. Loyalty today is about valuing your customers and delivering the perfect customer experience.

With customers like Hunkemöller, La Place and Kipling, we see that the partnership is already paying off. We have made a huge step forward when it comes to campaign optimisation and delivering a personalised experience to the consumer. As a result, customer retention increased tremendously.

Ties Top | m—wiseTies Top, Founder and CEO of m—wise adds:

“After many years of successful collaboration between m–wise and Notificare, we are delighted to announce the news of greater integration of the Notificare and m—wise Loyalty Cloud platforms. This latest development puts the power of analysis squarely in the hands of the marketer, ensuring they have the data they need to deliver exciting, effective campaigns. These insights can really drive incredible customer experiences – the customer’s behaviour is understood, and the marketer can respond in highly relevant and engaging ways. For example, by making full use of the mobile channel, it is possible to combine fun gamification pieces, like Hunkemöller’s Wheel of Passion, with the right message at the right time, every time.”

Robert Leefmans | NotificareRobert Leefmans, CEO of Notificare, adds:

“By working together with m—wise, the push channel gets an increasingly central role within the omnichannel. By profound analysis of various channels, a broader alignment can take place. The Web Push channel is also becoming increasingly important here. Together we help retailers to enter into a more personal relationship with the consumer. And of course, data is king, but we see that it is even more important what to do with all this data, to use it smartly as direct input to influence consumer behaviour. For example, we saw that many loyalty members simply forgot to scan their digital member card. A simple reminder when entering the store ensured that the card was shown more often and lead to a better customer experience.”

m—wise and Notificare work together on clients like Kipling, La Place, ExxonMobil, Primera, Jeans Centre and Claudia Sträter.

About m—wise

m—wise is a data-driven marketing agency specializing in loyalty and marketing automation. As a thought leader in loyalty, we provide cloud-based loyalty solutions and supportive professional services to help leading retailers grow their business by extracting value from their customer base and optimising their customers’ journey. We work together with brands to create effective, omni-channel loyalty programs and innovative customer experiences. More information:

About Notificare

Notificare is a leading Contextual Marketing Automation Platform that allows marketers to send context-relevant and interactive notifications to their customers. NOTIFICARE enables personal and location-based interactions. This allows companies to provide their customers with relevant information at the right moment, increasing the efficacy of their marketing communications and building sustainable relationships with their customers. Notificare is ISO/IEC 27001;2013 certified. More information:

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