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Elevate your loyalty program with code and receipt scanning

Integrating a code or receipt scanning feature in your loyalty program transforms a customer’s mobile device into a powerful channel for you to engage and reward.

There are many ways a loyalty app can help your business grow. Scanner technology is a versatile way to drive engagement, increase retention, and ultimately, boost your bottom line – all via the built-in camera in a phone or tablet.

Loyalty scanning for promotions

How to use code and receipt scanning for loyalty

Forward-thinking brands are using scanning to deliver personalised, interactive experiences that resonate with today’s consumers in versatile ways.

We’ve seen incredible results from brands across all industries using the integrated scanner technology in m—wise Loyalty Cloud‘s loyalty app. Here are just 10 ways an in-app scanner can supercharge loyalty.

Velder in-app scanner in French

1. Rewards for purchases

Customers can scan codes on products or receipts to unlock rewards. Codes placed directly on product packaging benefit brands selling products across third-party stores and sites. See how it works for Velder.

2. Cross-Promotions

Partner with complementary brands to create cross-promotional campaigns where customers can scan codes to access joint offers or experiences for members. This is a great way to tap into another brand’s customer base.

3. Gamification

Implement gamified experiences where customers scan QR codes hidden in-store or on packaging to reveal prizes, discounts, or exclusive content.

4. Member Registration & Verification

Utilise QR codes to verify membership status at checkout, ensuring eligible customers receive loyalty benefits and discounts. Want to see it in action? Get a demo.

Loyalty code scanning for events

5. Event Check-ins

Use QR codes to streamline event check-ins for loyalty program members, providing a seamless experience and gathering valuable attendance data.

6. Social Media Integration

Enable customers to scan QR codes on social media platforms to unlock exclusive offers or enter contests, driving online engagement.

Loyalty code scanning for friend referrals

7. Referral programs

Enable customers to share personalised codes with friends, earning rewards for successful referrals and fostering a sense of community.

8. Mobile Ordering

Allow customers to scan codes to order directly from their phones, earning loyalty points with each purchase and enhancing convenience.

9. Interactive Displays

Incorporate QR codes into interactive displays and digital signage in stores or at events to encourage customers to drive immediate engagement with promotions or learn more about products.

10. Feedback Surveys

Encourage customers to scan codes on their receipts to access feedback surveys, gathering valuable insights while rewarding participation with loyalty points.

How to implement scanning technology in your loyalty program

With m–wise Loyalty Cloud, you have the technology to seamlessly integrate receipt, barcode and QR code scanning into your loyalty program. The possibilities to elevate the customer experience and scale up your program are endless.

Not an m–wise Loyalty Cloud user yet? Get a demo to discover the transformative power of our award-winning loyalty solution.

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