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Game Mania XP rewards members for PlayStation gameplay

The leading gaming retailer in the Benelux has launched a game-changing new feature in the Game Mania XP loyalty program: XP Play.

XP Play enables customers to connect their PlayStation account to their XP loyalty account to earn rewards through PlayStation gameplay for use in Game Mania stores or online. Now members are rewarded for doing exactly what they love: gaming!

In-game achievements earn real-life rewards

This isn’t your typical loyalty program. Game Mania XP is designed to engage customers in a way that’s never been seen before. This is a new frontier for loyalty gamification.

Players can access exclusive rewards as they progress through their favourite titles, and they’ll have even more opportunities to unlock special offers from their favourite retailer.

When customers win a PlayStation trophy for activities like defeating an opponent or unlocking a new level, Game Mania rewards them. It’s not earn-and-burn: this is play-to-earn!

The secret’s in the software

This industry first is powered by m–wise Loyalty Cloud, the customisable loyalty software behind the Game Mania XP loyalty program. The member simply enters their Playstation ID in their XP account online to get started – it’s totally seamless. Data flows from a member’s PlayStation account into m–wise Loyalty Cloud so the right reward is issued at the right time.

The insights gathered through PlayStation gaming data also helps Game Mania understand their customers in new ways: now they know their gaming habits, preferences and skills. That means rewards and offers are now more personalised than ever before.

A new world of immersive loyalty

It’s an exciting time for both gamers and the loyalty industry alike. With the new XP Play integration, Game Mania has redefined loyalty. This is loyalty for gamers, by gamers – all powered by m—wise Loyalty Cloud.

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