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Five steps to a successful loyalty program

Focusing on customer loyalty can really boost your business in the long-term. A successful loyalty program can mean improved customer retention, greater purchase frequency and higher lifetime value — to name just a few of the business-boosting benefits. There are so many reasons to prioritise loyalty.

Five steps to success

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your existing program, these five steps can guide you to a successful loyalty program.

1. Make it memorable

Build unique campaigns for your brand. Think industry-leading loyalty.

2. Make it engaging

Inject fun and excitement into your program. Think surprises and gamification.

3. Make it personal

Show you really understand your customers. Think personalized recommendations.

4. Make it omni-channel

Make joining your program a breeze. Think using social media to sign in.

5. Make it attractive

Build a program with clear benefits for customers. Think exclusive offers, perks, vouchers and events.

Need a helping hand?

m—wise can help you every step of the way. We develop effective, omni-channel loyalty programs and exciting customer experiences for brands worldwide.

We also offer Loyalty Cloud, a customisable solution that helps you build a unique loyalty program for your business. Want to know more?

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