Sign on customers seamlessly

It’s easy for customers to enroll. Whether it is in the online sale funnel, via the mobile or signing up via an Ipad in the store.

Create your own loyalty program

Set up, execute and manage highly customized reward schemes. Reward your customers on those aspects most important to you through seamless integration with your key retail systems.

Reward customer engagement

Reinforce customer relations by rewarding them with unique redemption offers. Whether it’s in store, online or via mobile phone, you can present a unique and personalized offer at the exact right time.

Mix & match

Do it yourself! Create sophisticated conditions for personalized discount or point based offers through or mix & match rule complier.

Issue and redeem vouchers

The built-in voucher management functionality makes it easy to create point based offers such as promotional or discount based promotions, targeted promotions, e-gift vouchers and e-shop discount codes.

Measure loyalty performance

Any loyalty rule, or program based on transactions or customer engagement is measurable. The live dashboards enable you to analyze and measure the performance of the total loyalty scheme, or individual rule sets.

Features for this solution

Our solutions are based upon a set of features, which can be enabled at any time. Pick & choose your perfect set of features for your company’s wants and needs!

Loyalty services

Our centralized solution will enable to manage your loyalty program by reissuing points, extending the validity of voucher or send replacement loyalty cards.

Mobile loyalty

Use mobile for enrollment, identification, voucher issuance and redemption.


Online rewarding for both transactions and click behavior.


Prompt relevant loyalty offer based on actual behavior as it is happing.

Social Engagement

Not only reward customers for the amount of money they spend with you but also for their entanglement with your brand.

Till integration

Our solution is able to synchronize with any till system out there; hence enabling in store personnel to access all relevant information on the spot.

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