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Office Manager/PA Intern


Your role

This dual challenge requires you to hit the ground running. As our Office Manager, for example, you will open (and close) the office and be our first point of contact to the outside world — both on the phone as well as face to face. Very much an outside facing role, as you can imagine. As PA to the Directors, however, you will be managing their schedules, travel itineraries and e-mail (incoming as well as outgoing). Both aspects of your role, however, lean very heavily on your knack for effective interpersonal communication. Yes, it's an entry-level vacancy, for 32-40 hours a week, and yes it's only for 5 months (preferably as soon as possible) but we can assure you: you'll come out of this internship a seasoned professional.

The m―wise mindset

m—wise is an Amsterdam-based data-driven marketing company specialized in loyalty & marketing automation. Clients like Hunkemöller, La Place, Akzo Nobel and Tommy Hilfiger turn to us to create an intimate dialogue with their customers so that they become their absolute favorite! As a thought leader in loyalty, we provide cloud-based loyalty solutions and supportive professional services.

What you will need

  • A talent for overviews and a keen eye for detail;
  • No time to waste — you are so proactive that you wish you were born early;
  • A good ear and an even better sense for discretion;
  • People skills that make you liked and appreciated by everyone across all levels of the organization (though nobody knows exactly why);
  • The spirit to do whatever is needed to make every deadline, balance the dual workload and prioritise conflicting demands;
  • A secret love for keeping the office organized and fully stocked;
  • Marketing savviness;
  • Flawless writing skills, in English and Dutch (bi-lingual by any chance?);
  • The ability to create time — or so it seems, whenever you work your time management wizardry;
  • A Schoevers diploma (well, not really necessary but it sure won't hurt if you've got one!).

What we offer you

In return for your commitment as our Office Manager/PA, we offer you a challenging as well as a rewarding work environment at one of the thought leaders in loyalty and marketing automation. And yes, we'll also make sure you can eat, live, have days off when needed, work comfortably, enjoy your work time as well as your spare time, coach you to the next level and make sure you'll enjoy the onboarding process (we're pretty serious about being able to hit the ground running, though).

A passion for marketing, retail and detail

We are incredibly passionate about our work and are looking for talent with the same passion for marketing, data and retail. Keywords: pragmatic, customer-oriented, downto-earth. Can you handle a dynamic, horizontal organization? Want to work in the heart of Amsterdam? Does everything you've read fan your fire? Then send your CV with a letter of motivation we can't ignore to info@m-wise.eu or pick up the phone and convince us with your elevator pitch: 020-3449550

Acquisition in response to this advertisement will not be appreciated.

Join the team!

We are passionate about our work and always looking for new talent, with the same passion for marketing and retail data. Do you have what it takes and does the down-to-earth mentality of m–wise appeal to you?

Send your CV, Linkedin profile and motivation to: work@m-wise.eu

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