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International Sales Consultant


Your role

You've got your eyes on the prize and your ear to the customer's mouth as you plan your days around the heartbeat of international retail. Glengarry Glenn Ross's "ABC" and Trump's "Art of the Deal" are but two of the least surprising sources that fuel your relentless drive and burning ambition.

  • The Pitch Master* who commands the stage, leads boardroom pitches and deftly steers conversations during Zoom sessions;
  • always in the know when it comes to relevant market developments;
  • not above doing your fair share of minutes taking, file processing and paperwork;
  • a starter AND a finisher;
  • effortlessly fluent in English (and hopefully in some other languages too);
  • half of the Dynamic Duo that set up the annual Sales Plan (our Sales Manager is Batman to your Robin).

*And you're pretty darn good at creating those pitch presentations as well!

The m―wise mindset

m—wise is a specialist marketing agency that helps businesses generate more revenue from their customer base. By devising smart omni-channel campaigns: online, social and mobile. We make smart use of customer data to develop the ultimate customer journey. And national and international clients like Hunkemöller, La Place and AkzoNobel have been reaping the benefits for years. m—wise only employs experts who have a passion for marketing and retail. Our enthusiasm allows no room for a job half-done: we aim for perfection — and our know-how and commitment means we often achieve it. Our strength lies in our ability both to respond instantly to clients' ever-changing needs and challenges.

What you will need

  • A way with words that enables you to sell ice to Eskimos;
  • A healthy dislike for the word "no";
  • A vocational degree or higher;
  • Excellent command of the English language (yes, we mention it twice - it's THAT important);
  • The ability to see that there is no "I" in "team";
  • The skills to think on your feet;
  • A secret addiction to the thrill of cold calling;
  • War stories of your previous B2B experiences;
  • A surprisingly large international retails/marketing network.

What we offer you

In return for your commitment as a International Sales Consultant, we offer you a challenging work environment in the area of loyalty and marketing automation with an ambitious roadmap. And with every milestone you'll accomplish with the team, you'll certainly enjoy the fabled m—wise summer parties, winter sports and company outings. That is an essential part of our unique company culture.
(And yes, of course we'll make sure you can eat, live, go on holiday, work comfortably, enjoy your work time as well as your spare time, coach you to the next level and make sure you'll enjoy the onboarding process.)

A passion for marketing, retail and detail

We love our work and always looking for talented new colleagues who share our passion for marketing and retail data. Our approach is pragmatic and totally customer-oriented. We also don't believe in hierarchies, with a horizontal organization and laidback, friendly atmosphere.

Think the down-to-earth m—wise mentality sounds like you? Fancy working in great offices in the heart of Amsterdam? And got what the ability and ambition to add real value to our team? Then send your CV with covering motivation letter to info@m-wise.nl. Or simply call 020-3449550 .

Acquisition in response to this advertisement will not be appreciated.

Join the team!

We are passionate about our work and always looking for new talent, with the same passion for marketing and retail data. Do you have what it takes and does the down-to-earth mentality of m–wise appeal to you?

Send your CV, Linkedin profile and motivation to: work@m-wise.eu

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